Corvera Airport Update

As the opening of the new Region of Murcia International Airport in Corvera approaches the subject continues to occupy many of the headlines, and this is likely to be the case at least until the 15 January next year.


The week began with reactions to the news that taxi drivers who are licensed in the municipality of Murcia will be granted exclusive rights to provide pick-up services at the airport, with the Mayor of San Javier calling for an “extraordinary solution for an extraordinary situation”. He points out that the situation in San Javier is unprecedented in Spain, with one airport closing down to make way for another in a neighbouring municipality and hopes that 6 of the 18 San Javier taxi drivers who are currently licensed to operate at the airport on the shore of the Mar Menor can be granted similar rights at Corvera. At the moment, the taxi drivers working in the Murcia municipality will be the only drivers licensed to work within the airport.


Put this aside, there are still various administrative hurdles still to be overcome before the fights at Corvera in January, with permits needed from organisations belonging to various national government Ministries, but an article published in regional newspaper La Verdad last weekend reports that 9 of the 24 companies providing ancillary services at Murcia-San Javier airport will definitely be transferring their activities to the new airport in January.


Then, on Friday of this week, Aena announced that more steps had been taken to prepare for the opening of the airport in January, with contracts having been awarded for security, cleaning, minor building work and meteorological services among others. The cleaning and security contracts will be in force at San Javier and then at Corvera, and conditions are specified to ensure that workers' terms of employment will remain unchanged.  But perhaps the most interesting news regarding Corvera came in comments made on Tuesday by Jaime García-Legaz, the former head of Aena, who stated that he believes that the new Region of Murcia International Airport in Corvera “will be a success” but at the same time advised that in his opinion more investment should be made to attract airlines to operate from the infrastructure through “incentives” during the first couple of years.


At the moment most of the airlines currently operating from San Javier have not yet confirmed routes from Corvera, indeed British Airways are now re-routing passengers booked to fly into San Javier this coming spring into Alicante, and Ryanair are refusing to make a commitment to passengers trying to book.

Corvera Airport Update

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Posted on Oct 17 2018 by Landmark International

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