Ryanair to transfer flights to Covera Airport !

Ryanair finally confirm flights will be transferred from San Javier to Corvera but refuse to clarify from what date!


The scheduled opening of the new Region of Murcia International Airport in Corvera now under 10 weeks away on 15 January, it has finally been confirmed that Ryanair will be transferring its flights from Murcia-San Javier to the new facility, but the airline is still showing extreme caution regarding the date on which that will happen. At least it is now known that flights will be diverted to Corvera rather than passengers transferred to Alicante-Elche!


Aside from the flight schedules, this week it has emerged that the necessary certification from the State Air Safety Agency AESA will be issued as soon as various items of equipment are optimised and calibrated. There is apparently no suspicion that the minor adjustments needed will not be made before the scheduled opening date.


In addition, the measures required to preserve the soil, vegetation and hydro-logical characteristics of the land on which the “Juan de la Cierva” airport is located, as well as taking steps to protect wildlife, prevent erosion and minimalize noise and air pollution, and with Murcia taxi drivers meeting to confirm their proposed fares on pick-ups at the airport next week it really does seem that the airport transfer could finally become a reality.

Ryanair to transfer flights to Covera Airport !

Posted on Nov 07 2018 by Landmark International

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